Menara Networks invests heavily in state-of-the-art silicon and optical based technologies to achieve high performance and product differentiation. Both high speed BiCMOS and CMOS ASICs are designed and integrated into Menara Networks products to achieve the highest performance in the smallest space and power.

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  • Radia II

    OTN Processors

    OTN Management and Forward Error Correction

    Menara Networks patented OTN processors combine the standard implementation of Ethernet and SONET/SDH transport protocols with G.709 compliant overhead framing and Forward Error Correction (FEC) capabilities.  The inclusion of G.709 and FEC capabilities into Menara Networks pluggable modules provide optical transport management and performance capabilities normally found in specialized SONET/SDH transport or transponder based systems. The low power and footprint of Menara's OTN processors allow direct integration into our XFP and CFP products.


    MagicEye 12Gbps PRML EDC and Clock Recovery

    Electronic Dispersion Compensation

    The industry's first 12 Gbps discrete-time analog PRML silicon chip for electronic Dispersion Compensation and clock recovery. This new class of EDC can effectively compensate for dispersion impairments in excess of 6,500 psec/nm.

    PRML or partial-response maximum likelihood equalization is a multi-approach solution that augments existing Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation (MLSE) approaches with effective signal equalization for improved performance.

    Menara's unique discrete-time processing eliminates the need for the multi- Giga samples/sec ADC which severely reduces the quality of the received signal and limits the effectiveness of the digital MLSE processing engine. Removing this ADC bottleneck not only improves the overall performance but also allows for smaller silicon area by eliminating the need for a multi-million gate digital core.

    With Menara's MagicEye EDC, 10 Gbps transmission over 400 km of uncompensated standard single mode fiber (SMF 28) is now possible making seamless 10G upgrades of existing 2.5G deployed optical DWDM networks possible.

    Magic Eye