Featured Products

Agility is important, and Menara Networks realizes the needs for high performance, tunable pluggable optics. It drives our development and product offering as shown below.


  • CFP2 Adapter

    CFP2 to QSFP28 Adapter

    Cost Effective CFP2 to QSFP28 100Gb/s Adapter

    Menara Networks CFP2 Adapter provides a low cost solution to enable utilization of QSFP28 100Gb/s transceiver modules. The CFP2 adapter operates transparently with any QSFP28 compliant transceiver.

  • Tunable SFP+

    50GHz DWDM Tunable SFP+

    Full C-band Tunability in Small Packages

    Menara Networks 50GHz DWDM C-band Tunable SFP+ provides high performance in the industries most compact package. Supporting up to 102 channels with software selectable control, the Tunable SFP+ is flexible enough to handle all network challenges.

  • OTN Tunable XFP

    Tunable XFP with Optional OTN Framer and FEC

    Tunability, G.709 OTN framer and Forward Error Correction

    Menara Networks provides the industry's only full C-band 50GHz DWDM Tunable XFP with optional integrated G.709 OTN framer and Enhanced Forward Error Correction. Achieve optical reaches of up to 1,500km with our OTN XFP using your existing deployed DWDM system supporting 100GHz, 50GHz, ROADM and fixed filter technologies.



    Low cost CWDM Transport at 10G

    Deploy low cost, passive 10G CWDM networks to your customers or local datacenters with Menara Networks CWDM SFP+. Available in 18 different wavelengths from 1270nm to 1610nm, this SFP+ gives you options to expand capacity when you need it. The SFP+ form factor provides unparalleled compatibility with all major switch and router vendors.


    80km and 120km CWDM SFP

    1GE Flexible Transport

    CWDM SFPs offer the lowest cost 1GE transport available over a single fiber. With distance options from 80km to 120km and availability in 18 different wavelengths from 1270nm to 1610nm, these SFPs allow you to quickly expand capacity without breaking the bank.

  • CFP LR4

    Tunable Duo Binary DWDM CFP

    100GE/OTU-4 Metro DWDM Transmission

    The Tunable DWDM CFP from Menara Networks provides a cost effective metro DWDM 100GE/OTU-4 transport solution. Optical Duo Binary modulation permits low cost 4x28Gbps DWDM transmission with 100 channels of 50GHz spacing and achieves transmission distances up to 400km at less than half the price of coherent solutions.

  • CFP LR4

    10km LR4 CFP

    100GE Singlemode fiber LR4 Interconnection

    The LR4 CFP from Menara Networks provides an 100GE or OTU-4 interconnection between router and switch platforms using already plentifully available singlemode fiber. The CFP is compatible with all major vendors and provides a key second source to lessen your lead times and lower your price.