Menara Networks' Integrated OTN 10 Gbps System Transceivers Exceed 15 Million Hours of OTN Failure-Free Field Operations

Los Angeles, CA--March 9, 2011— Menara Networks, a vertically integrated optical IP/Ethernet transport specialist, announces its award winning “System-in-a-Module” portfolio of OTN pluggable transceivers has successfully logged over 15 million hours of OTN failure-free operation in carriers’ networks across the globe.

Since the introduction of the industry’s only XFP/XENPAK 10 Gbps DWDM transceivers with integrated ITU-T G.709 OTN framer, Forward Error Correction and now full C-band tunability, Menara’s award winning “system-in-a-module” transceivers continue to be aggressively used by leading carriers and MSOs to simplify their IP, Ethernet, and Video optical transport networks. The company today announced that its Telcordia qualified “system-in-a-module” transceivers have successfully logged over 15 million hours of field operations in carriers’ networks without a failure of Menara’s patented integrated OTN processor. This important milestone further validates the reliability of the transponder-less solution, which removes a layer of network elements from the optical transport network and affords service providers the necessary disruptive economics today’s hyper competitive telecom markets demand. Menara’s OTN transceivers provide tunable OTN XFP/XENPAK DWDM interfaces to any Ethernet switch or IP Router while eliminating significant cost, space and power associated with the traditional OTN DWDM transponders that plague optical networks.

“Our customers are trusting us to provide the optical backbone that carry their valuable services, some of which carry strict SLA enforcement. Reliability is hence imperative and cannot be compromised. Our engineering team has done an outstanding job designing quality into our products and processes from the outset, and this is clearly demonstrated in this important milestone,” adds Ricardo Saad, Menara VP of Engineering and Operations.

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Menara Networks develops innovative products and solutions that greatly simplify today's layered optical transport networks. Leveraging the company's proprietary high speed ICs and its extensive expertise in optical networking and system design, Menara products provide optical networks with superior performance and improved service velocity while drastically reducing floor space, power consumption and overall network cost. The company’s unique solutions continue to save carriers millions of CapEx dollars and eliminate the need for foot-print, heat, and power associated with DWDM transponders in central offices and data centers around the world. For more information, visit


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