Menara Networks Samples Tunable 4x28G DWDM CFP for Metro 100G Transport


Industry-leading DWDM Pluggable CFP optimized for metro transport saving greater than 50% compared to Coherent 100G


Sept 25, 2013- Dallas, Tx- Menara Networks announces availability of its tunable DWDM CFP 100G MSA module supporting the industry's lowest cost 100G DWDM transport solution for metro applications. Focused on carrier backhaul and datacenter interconnect, the DWDM CFP utilizes Optical Duo Binary modulation to provide interoperability with installed 100GHz and 50GHz DWDM systems. Each of the four 28Gbps lasers is independently tunable across the full C-band, supporting 100 channels with 50GHz spacing. The MSA compliant module supports both CAUI and OTL-4.10 electrical interfaces, allowing for Forward Error Correction addition enabling transmission distances up to 400km. Power consumption is contained below the MSA limits, allowing the DWDM CFP use in dense Ethernet switch and IP router line cards and DWDMM transport systems. Utilization of direct detect technology provides a significant cost advantage over current coherent solutions, allowing carriers to accelerate 100G deployments in the metro network with a shortened Return on Investment time period.


Menara's DWDM CFP integrates seamlessly with the Armada 1000-GM, a 1RU 100G WDM transport solution that offers 100G transponder and 10G/40G muxponder functions into the tunable CFP based OTU4 100G uplink. The compact Armada 1000-GM also includes integrated EDFA optical amplifiers and dispersion compensating modules offering a complete 100G DWDM transmission solution for metro and data center interconnection applications in a compact 1 RU footprint.


"The customer demand for 100G transport in the metro network is driven by immense amounts of backhaul traffic from ISPs and carrier aggregation points, " said Adam Hotchkiss, Vice President of Product Management at Menara Networks. "Our Optical Duo Binary 100G DWDM CFP solution provides a low cost 100G transport solution fitting the needs of these applications today."


Menara Networks is accepting reservations now for customers wishing to test the tunable DWDM CFP. Please contact us at


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