Menara Networks Announces Availability of Industry’s only CFP-2 Adapter Module for QSFP-28 Transceivers at OFC 2016



Industry’s only CFP-2 Adapter Module for QSFP-28 Transceivers


Anaheim, CA, March 23, 2016— Menara Networks, a vertically integrated provider of IP/Ethernet DWDM transport solutions that greatly simplifies optical networking, today announces the availability of the industry’s only MSA CFP-2 100G adapter module that accommodates QSFP-28 transceivers covering all 100G MSAs and reaches.


Leveraging the company expertise of designing advanced high speed mixed signal system-on-a-chip ASICs and leading edge MSA optical transceivers at 10 and 100 Gbps with highly differentiated functions and enhanced performance, Menara introduces the industry’s only solution that seamlessly adapts any MSA QSFP-28 100G module to a 100% MSA compliant CFP-2 100G module.  Menara’s CFP-2 adapter module accommodates any MSA QSFP-28 modules including PSM4, SR4, CWDM, LR4 and their variants.  Menara CFP-2 modules provide all MSA SFF digital diagnostics and meet CFP-2 power consumption requirements and can be directly interfaced with all major routers, MPLS, and Ethernet switches in the industry.


“Since the inception of Menara, we have always focused our cross-functional design and manufacturing expertise to provide our customers with unique, differentiated solutions that greatly simplify their optical transport networks and significantly reduces their cost, footprint, power consumption and time to market,” observes Dr. Salam ElAhmadi, Menara co-Founder, CTO and VP of Engineering.  “Our CFP-2 adapter module builds on that tradition and provides our customers a unique opportunity to standardize all their 100G transceiver requirements on the QSFP-28 MSA and use our CFP-2 adapter module on the slots where the CFP-2 is needed.  The versatility of our new product enables our customers to effectively cope with the proliferation of incompatible 100G modules and, for the first time, not have to scatter their capital expenditures and resources to acquire, qualify, and stock various 100G MSAs.”


“Network operators are faced with a multitude of incompatible MSA optical transceivers that makes the acquisition and qualification process slow and costly,” observes Michael Howard, senior research director and advisor, carrier networks at IHS-Infonetics Technology.  “Menara’s adapter solution cleverly addresses the 100G transceivers fragmentation issue—operators can use the CFP2 adapter to simplify their planning process and reduce time to market.”


Menara Networks is demonstrating its QSFP-28 to CFP-2 solution live during this week's OFC Exhibits in at Menara Booth # 3263.


About Menara Networks

Menara Networks develops innovative products and solutions that greatly simplify today's layered optical transport networks. Leveraging the company's proprietary high speed ICs and its extensive expertise in optical networking and system design, Menara portfolio of OTN XFP, SFP+ and CFP modules provide optical networks with superior performance and improved service velocity while drastically reducing floor space, power consumption and overall network cost. The company’s unique solutions continue to save carriers millions of CapEx dollars and eliminate the need for footprint, heat, and power associated with DWDM transponders in central offices and data centers around the world. For more information, visit