solutions overview
100M to 100G Pluggable Interconnect

Menara Networks provides optical and copper based pluggable interfaces to serve transmission needs from 100m over MMF to over 120km on SMF. 100% of our pluggable optics are traffic tested in our USA based production facility and we provide guaranteed coding for all major vendors.

100M to 100G DWDM and CWDM Pluggable Transport

Menara Networks carries a complete line of industry leading CWDM, DWDM and Tunable DWDM optical pluggable modules to fit your price point and performance demands. Eliminate your frustration of fixed wavelength DWDM planning and lead times with our Tunable SFP+ and XFP products, and enjoy the low cost transport options CWDM SFPs offer.

10G and 100G OTN DWDM Transport

Menara Networks' line of MSA Pluggable transceivers with integrated OTN G.709 and Forward Error Correction (FEC) enable higher performance interfaces on existing Ethernet transport products for end-to-end OTN network OAM and elevated DWDM performance.

Video Transport

Transmission of ASI and HDI video signals and their numerous varieties can require specialized hardware to account for pattern dependencies. Entrust your video transport to Menara Networks, where we have all the options covered.