Team - Founders

Menara was founded and is staffed by engineers and operations specialists with the experience required to build and run the world's most reliable datacentric networks.  Menara's original Founders:


  • Siraj Bio

    Siraj Nour El-Ahmadi

    Founder, President & Chief Executive Officer

    Siraj, a co-founder of Menara, brings over 17 years of experience in optical transmission in particular and the telecom industry in general. Prior to founding Menara, Siraj served as Vice President - Marketing & Product Management at Nortel responsible for the OPTera LH 4000 ULR product (acquired from Qtera); that achieved over $200M in revenues in its first two years. Prior to that, Siraj was the Product Architect & Vice President of Product Management at Qtera Corporation, a successful technology Start-up acquired by Nortel in 2000 for $3.25 Billion. Siraj also held a Senior Manager position at Bell Northern Research and worked as a Transmission Engineer at WilTel (WorldCom) where he evaluated and deployed the world's first bidirectional EDFA and bi-directional WDM transmission. Siraj holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Oklahoma, is a member of Eta Kappa Nu and is the inventor of 11 patents, issued or pending, in the area of optical communications. He authored a number of publications and is a frequent speaker at telecom and optical networking events and conferences.

  • Salam Bio

    Dr. Salam El-Ahmadi

    Dr. Salam El-Ahmadi has over 15 years experience in system design, test, and deployment of various communications systems including wireless, wireline, and optical networks. His background combines in-depth knowledge of signal processing techniques, digital communication theory, and nonlinear optics propagation, allowing him to bridge gaps between the seemingly unrelated fields of communication theory and the physics of fiber optics. Through a hands-on management style, he leads diverse teams of highly skilled engineers and scientists with the clear objective of taking disruptive technologies from conception stages to viable commercial products. Prior to founding Menara, he held senior positions, ranging from research to field deployment, with Nortel networks' wireless division and Qtera's WDM system design group. He co-authored several patents and holds a BS and MS from the University of Oklahoma and a Ph.D. from SMU, all in Electrical Engineering.